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How can we improve access to and participation in education? Which education provider will help me to succeed in my learning journey? How can we issue and verify educational credentials digitally? How can I manage my educational data and share it securely?

"Mein Bildungsraum" connects education providers and administrative processes as a network infrastructure. The network creates a digital education space that provides easy and secure access to learning opportunities and removes barriers along the educational path. It enables users to embark on a lifelong learning journey across education providers and institutions, from elementary school to old age.

"Mein Bildungsraum" is currently in beta

That means we are testing "Mein Bildungsraum's" features with a limited group of users (i.e. closed beta). Test users receive accounts to log in to "Mein Bildungsraum" and complete test scenarios.
Initially, test users are people affiliated with the project, network partners, funded projects, and other stakeholders. During the beta phase, we will gradually add new test users. If you have questions about the beta of "Mein Bildungsraum" please reach out

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Your digital safe for education data. Receive, save, and share your progress, grades and degrees.

Beta Testing

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Access information on admission requirements, courses and other resources for your education journey.